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Communication Division
Systems Design and Sector Development Section
The Systems Design and Sector Development Section has the following as functions:
  • Provide project leaders for multi-section project teams
  • Design databases for new projects and projects to be re-developed
  • Carry out initial studies to determine the scope of projects
  • Carry out existing systems analysis
  • Produce functional system specifications of new applications and applications to be re-developed
  • Collate information to establish the overall map of the location of all data within the Electronic Government System (i.e. establish the logical location of all data & their relationship)
  • Eliminate duplication of database content in Electronic Government systems
  • Suggest changes to Government procedures in the light of information technology opportunities (Business Process Re-engineering - BPR)
  • Ensure that all systems design cater for seamless integration with existing systems and as far as possible anticipated future ones
  • Establish the project development cycle, related documentation standards, and overall procedures to be followed
  • Produce documentation up to and including the phase of functional system specification Introduce completed projects to the user, and follow up the integration of newly installed software in organisations
  • Testing of newly completed applications for conformity with functional specifications
  • Supervise data conversion exercises, carried out by the Software Development Section
  • Provide the interface between the Department and other Government organisations for IT related issues
  • Provide oversight (i.e. audits and compliance with operational policies & standards) and direction vis-à-vis IT related issues to Government organisations in the different sectors
  • Development of test plans
  • Provide the interface of Government with external service providers for the management of outsourced information systems development projects  
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Government's IT Strategies

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