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Communication Division
Functions of the Communications Division
This division is concerned primarily with the development and enforcement of frameworks (legal, regulatory, policy and otherwise) that will enable pervasive and affordable access to electronic means of communication nationally.

Its main functions are to:
  • Anticipate, plan and develop telecommunication regimes which will ensure an open, fair and competitive telecommunication market.
  • Provide a regulatory framework which will provide the necessary safeguards for maintaining and promoting free, fair and effective competition in telecommunications.
  • Ensure the enforcement of the regulatory framework so that consumer interests are protected and anti-competitive behaviour is discouraged and sanctioned.
  • Ensure continual provision of universal service on an efficient, transparent, equitable, proportionate and non-discriminatory basis.
  • Administer and manage the national radio communication resources (Numbering, Frequency Assignments, Allocation of Call Signs, National Domain names etc.).
  • Formulate strategic plans for the development of telecommunications nationally.
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