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Policy & Regulatory Affairs Section

The Policy and Regulatory Affairs Section is responsible for the development and implementation of national legislation, policies, and procedures that are consistent, encourage growth and respond to technological advancements in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector. In other words, create a conducive policy and regulatory environment that is simultaneously pro-business and pro-consumer for the development and growth of the country’s economy.

Some of the major functions performed by the Policy and Regulatory Affairs Section are: Investigate and resolve consumer complaints.

The Section is responsible for:
  • Identifying new services and technology
  • Formulate strategic projects
  • Policy and regulation development
  • Consultation with service providers
  • Familiarisation with new communication technologies
  • Advisory role to the Government
  • Review of broadcasting and telecommunication legislation
  • Policy research
  • Formulate major license conditions
  • Standardisation Quality Of Service (QOS) monitoring and review
  • Maintenance of QOS database
  • Traffic measurements
  • Infrastructure development
  • Supervision, enforcement and evaluation of licensee activities
  • Application and supervision of policies and regulations
  • Assess the conformity of equipment and materials (type approval – non spectrum related)
  • Maintenance of tariff database
  • Evaluation of competitive project proposals (tenders)
  • Prevent anticompetitive practices
  • Consumer protection
  • Investigate and resolve consumer complaints
  • Tariff and pricing review and approval
  • Review of business/investment strategies
  • Interconnection
  • Management of Universal Service Fund (USF)
  • Arbitrate and resolve disputes that arise in context of communications between service providers
  • Public awareness
  • Legal Finance/economic analysis and markets
  • Statistics
  • Advise on draft legal documents and all legal matters
  • Preparation of tender invitations

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