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To enable the government to effectively utilize ICT for service delivery and establish the essential framework (policies, laws, and regulations) to harness ICT's full potential for national advancement.

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Childcare Benefits Information System Seychelles

On the 5th of June 2024, DICT launched CBISS at the IECD Regional Workshop.

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Laptop Fair 2024

DICT Hosts Laptop Fair on 24th and 25th May 2024. The scheme has been extended to Primary 5 and 6 Students.

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Elderly Learning IT
Elderly Learning IT Workshop

On the 28th of June 2024, DICT hosted the elderly learning IT workshop, bridging the technological gap between ages.

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SeyID is Seychelles trusted national digital identity. It was introduced to provide convenience and security when accessing government services online by giving you the choice to create a Digital Identity with an accredited identity app which you can use to prove who you are online.

  • Sign Digitally
  • Virtual ID Card
  • Secure Login
  • OTP Generator

For more information you can visit our SeyID website

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Seychelles trusted national digital identity
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Easily access, communicate and transact with government services online.
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The Government of Seychelles Laptop scheme

Vision and Mission

Below explains the current vision and mission of the Department of Communications Information Technology

Our Vision

To have a government which fully makes use of ICT in supporting the delivery of its services and which creates the necessary framework (policies, legislations & regulations) that allows the full potential of ICT to be harnessed nationally for the benefit of the country.

Our Mission

  1. The development and maintenance of software applications to support the delivery of government services.
  2. The implementation, management and maintenance of the government ICT infrastructure.
  3. The collaboration and coordination with the various government sectors/ministries in addressing their specific ICT needs and requirements.
  4. The establishment of the role/s of ICT in the various sectors/ministries and supporting the enactment of these roles.

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